A club dedicated to you

One of the university's oldest societies, the hiking club predates the University of Manchester by several decades. In all that time, our goal has been to help everyone get into the great outdoors. We run weekly trips all over the UK, from Snowdonia and the Lakes to the Scottish Highlands, and frequent socials where you can meet like minded people.

We, as a society, are bond by formal rules enshrined in our Constitution. You can find there our aims and all kind of information on how the club is running. We also have an Equality Policy, made by the SU and enforced by our Inclusions Secretary.

Curious about what these people are up to, aside from bragging about their navigation skills and keeping the local pubs healthy? Some would say "nothing, really", but you can have more details on our wiki.

Run with love by people (2014/15)

Picture of Jake Jones
Jake Jones
  • Course: 2nd year Physics (woohoo)
  • Vague Age: 19
  • Spotted On Hike: Eating other people's food
  • Favourite Mountain: To the pub
  • Tipple: Red, red wine
  • Contact: chair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Matt Tomkins
Matt Tomkins
  • Course: 3nd year Geography
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Pretending to navigate
  • Favourite Mountain: I'm happy as long as it's raining and misty
  • Tipple: Erdinger Weißbier
  • Contact: vicechair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jemma Houghton
Jemma Houghton
  • Course: 2nd year Biochemistry
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Falling over
  • Favourite Mountain: The one that Rachel hates
  • Tipple: Cocktails!!!
  • Contact: treasurer@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Chris Byram
Chris Byram
  • Course: 2nd year Biology - Kidding, English Literature
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking out for wildlings, pretending to know how to hike
  • Favourite Mountain: Middle Earth
  • Tipple: Vodka
  • Contact: secretary@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Dean Arksey
Hikes Secretary
Dean Arksey
  • Course: 4th year Chemistry (Cookery)
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Laughing at the misfortunes of others
  • Favourite Mountain: Yorkshire! Just kidding
  • Tipple: Anything. Honestly.
  • Contact: hikesec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Ciaran Mullan
Hikes Secretary
Ciaran Mullan
  • Course: The same thing as Phil
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking for Phil
  • Favourite Mountain: Anywhere with Phil
  • Tipple: Whatever, as long as it contains toothpaste!
  • Contact: hikesec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Michael Jimenez
Hikes Secretary
Michael Jimenez
  • Course: International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction
  • Vague Age: not 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Showing too much enthusiasm for the history and plants of the mountains
  • Favourite Mountain: The Lake District
  • Tipple: Chocolate beers, stouts and porters
  • Contact: hikesec3@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Phil Dawson
Kit Secretary
Phil Dawson
  • Course: The same thing as Ciaran minus labs
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking for Ciaran
  • Favourite Mountain: Anywhere with Ciaran
  • Tipple: What's Ciaran drinking?
  • Contact: kit@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Arthur Yu Shi
Publicity and Merchandise Secretary
Arthur Yu Shi
  • Course: 2nd year B.S. Photoshop
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Taking photos
  • Favourite Mountain: Mt. Kodak
  • Tipple: Tapped vodka
  • Contact: publicity@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Amanda Murphy
Social Secretary
Amanda Murphy
  • Course: Computational Biology PhD
  • Vague Age: Time is a construct used by biological organisms to monitor their decay
  • Spotted On Hike: Scrambling in a blinding array of Chernobyl-blue kit
  • Favourite Mountain: The Sharp Edge
  • Tipple: Thornbridge Cocoa dance, Kira white, or Balblair scotchy scotch
  • Contact: socialsec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Kirsty Mackie
Social Secretary
Kirsty Mackie
  • Course: 2nd year Geography
  • Vague Age: 19
  • Spotted On Hike: Wishing I could naviagate
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdonia
  • Tipple: Definitely not egg yolk… Rose is the way to go..
  • Contact: socialsec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of (Paul) Zhuoyan Huang
Transport Secretary
(Paul) Zhuoyan Huang
  • Course: 1st year Accounting and Finance
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Pretending to navigate without a map
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdonia
  • Tipple: Sex on the beach, Porn Star Martini…..(should I really say that?) well, Long Island Icetea sounds more delicate
  • Contact: transport@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Marco Smolla
Web Master
Marco Smolla
  • Course: 2nd year PGRS Evolutionary Biology
  • Vague Age: 27
  • Spotted On Hike: Every now and then
  • Favourite Mountain: Crib Goch
  • Tipple: Montepulciano D'Abruzzo
  • Contact: webmaster@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Andrew Stimson
Weekends Secretary
Andrew Stimson
  • Course: Final year Bogometry. Kidding, Geography
  • Vague Age: old
  • Spotted On Hike: In a bog
  • Favourite Mountain: Mt. Bog. I like them all and cant decide!
  • Tipple: Tapped bog water
  • Contact: weekends@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emily Woodroofe
Emily Woodroofe
  • Course: 3rd year Physics with Theoretical Physics
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Extreme backmarking
  • Favourite Mountain: Somewhere rocky
  • Tipple: After-hike- hot-chocolate!
Picture of Hannah Elizabeth
Food Sec
Hannah Elizabeth
  • Course: 2nd year (PhD) History of sex education
  • Vague Age: 25
  • Spotted On Hike: Cartwheeling or dancing
  • Favourite Mountain: Pointy bits of Scotland, espcially in the snow
  • Tipple: Gin that costs way too much
Picture of Ryan Miller
General Dogsbody
Ryan Miller
  • Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Vague Age: x, where x>0 and x^2+pi*x=20pi+400
  • Spotted On Hike: Flying knee first into a rock
  • Favourite Mountain: Somewhere with rocks, but not the kind of rocks you fall over
  • Tipple: Something warm and flat
Picture of Jamie Soul
Taking over Weekends
Jamie Soul
  • Course: PhD Bioinformatics
  • Vague Age: roughly 25
  • Spotted On Hike: at the front
  • Favourite Mountain: Snwodon
  • Tipple: Gin Tonic without Gin
Picture of Ottilie Hankin
Hikes Secretary
Ottilie Hankin
  • Course: N/A
  • Vague Age: N/A
  • Spotted On Hike: N/A
  • Favourite Mountain: N/A
  • Tipple: N/A

And a massive thanks to all the old gits who keep badgering us when something is not well done. Also, they are often here too help you mastering some practical skills and ramble about their crazy personal life stories.