A club dedicated to you

One of the university's oldest societies, the hiking club predates the University of Manchester by several decades. In all that time, our goal has been to help everyone get into the great outdoors. We run weekly trips all over the UK, from Snowdonia and the Lakes to the Scottish Highlands, and frequent socials where you can meet like minded people.

We, as a society, are bond by formal rules enshrined in our Constitution. You can find there our aims and all kind of information on how the club is running. We also have an Equality Policy, made by the SU and enforced by our Inclusions Secretary.

Curious about what these people are up to, aside from bragging about their navigation skills and keeping the local pubs healthy? Some would say "nothing, really", but you can have more details on our wiki.

Run with love by people (2015/16)

Picture of Rachel Turner
Rachel Turner
  • Course: Genetics with French
  • Vague Age: 22
  • Spotted On Hike: In Switzerland
  • Favourite Mountain: Mount Roraima
  • Tipple: Red wine with amaretto
  • Quote: "There are literally picture diagrams, Jemma."
  • Contact: chair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jemma Houghton
Jemma Houghton
  • Course: Biochemistry
  • Vague Age: 21 (though mentally probably around 9)
  • Spotted On Hike: Wearing funny hats and falling over….a lot
  • Favourite Mountain: The Lonely Mountain (with or without the dragon) and the New Forest!
  • Tipple: Pimms!!!
  • Quote: "Is salami a fish?"
  • Contact: vicechair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Paul Wong
Paul Wong
  • Course: 2st year Counting and Finance
  • Vague Age: 22
  • Spotted On Hike: Pretending to navigate with a map
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdonia
  • Tipple: Bavarian Beer
  • Quote: "That's the sort of thing people look up on the internet."
  • Contact: treasurer@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emma Naylor
Emma Naylor
  • Course: Architecture
  • Vague Age: 22 already
  • Spotted On Hike: With my nose glued to the map
  • Favourite Mountain: That one that Wainwright did
  • Tipple: Real cider in general, Black Dragon in particular
  • Contact: secretary@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Michael ‘MikeyJ’ Jimenez
Hikes Secretary
Michael ‘MikeyJ’ Jimenez
  • Course: International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction
  • Vague Age: Over 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Showing too much enthusiasm for the plants and geology of the mountains
  • Favourite Mountain: Langdale/Consiton/Lake District generally
  • Tipple: Sam Smith’s Chocolate Stout
  • Contact: hikesec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Lottie Harold
Hikes Secretary
Lottie Harold
  • Course: Geography!
  • Vague Age: 18 (young un)
  • Spotted On Hike: Geography Appreciation Society (GAS) with Ottilie
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdonia!
  • Tipple: Vodka!! And tea (not together) (maybe together) (no, not together)
  • Quote: "Whereareyouonsaturday?!"
  • Contact: hikesec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Ottilie Hankin
Hikes Secretary
Ottilie Hankin
  • Course: Geography
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Appreciating all the geography! Long live GAS!!
  • Favourite Mountain: Langdale Valley and Dartmoor
  • Tipple: Gin and Tonic
  • Contact: hikesec3@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Malte Vesper
Kit Secretary
Malte Vesper
  • Course: keyboardsmashing
  • Vague Age: older than he’d like to be
  • Spotted On Hike: tagging along/getting cold feet
  • Favourite Mountain: Alps
  • Tipple: Schorle
  • Contact: kit@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Alexey Riepenhausen
Publicity and Merchandise Secretary
Alexey Riepenhausen
  • Course: Alexey Riepenhausen
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: desperately trying to enjoy the view
  • Favourite Mountain: everywhere
  • Tipple: Italian wine/Guinness
  • Contact: publicity@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emily Woodroofe
Social Secretary
Emily Woodroofe
  • Course: Physics
  • Vague Age: 22
  • Spotted On Hike: Extreme backmarking
  • Favourite Mountain: Striding Edge
  • Tipple: After hike hot chocolate
  • Quote: "I was going to look at the map but I watched Dirty Dancing instead."
  • Contact: socialsec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Alberto Ranedo
Social Secretary
Alberto Ranedo
  • Course: Master´s Degree in Finance
  • Vague Age: 25
  • Spotted On Hike: Taking pictures of landscapes
  • Favourite Mountain: Matterhorn
  • Tipple: Hot chocolate
  • Quote: "Your face is not good."
  • Contact: socialsec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Ryan Miller
Transport Secretary
Ryan Miller
  • Course: Mechatronic Engineering
  • Vague Age: x, where x>0 and x²+pix=20pi+400
  • Spotted On Hike: Flying knee first into a rock
  • Favourite Mountain: Something warm and flat
  • Tipple: Something with rocks, but not the kind of rocks you fall over
  • Contact: transport@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Ryan Miller
Web Master
Ryan Miller
  • Course: Mechatronic Engineering
  • Vague Age: 20, if you don't want to do the maths
  • Spotted On Hike: On a rock next to a perfectly good path
  • Favourite Mountain: Anything with a pub at the end, even if it's one of those expensive lake district ones
  • Tipple: Random ale, I probably don't know what it is
  • Quote: "I have more resistors in my sock drawer than clean socks."
  • Contact: webmaster@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jamie Soul
Weekends Secretary
Jamie Soul
  • Course: Bioinformatics
  • Vague Age: Mid-twenties ish
  • Spotted On Hike: At the front
  • Favourite Mountain: Scotland
  • Tipple: Coffee
  • Quote: "The bearing's not working, Hannah you do it."
  • Contact: weekends@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jack Holguin
Food Secretary
Jack Holguin
  • Course: Physics (but only the best bits)
  • Vague Age: 19
  • Spotted On Hike: Gossiping/being a nerd
  • Favourite Mountain: The Alps :)
  • Tipple: Coffee, lots of coffee.
Picture of Hannah Elizabeth
Food Secretary
Hannah Elizabeth
  • Course: History of sex education.
  • Vague Age: Mid-twenties ish
  • Spotted On Hike: Running, dancing or cartwheeling.
  • Favourite Mountain: Pointy bits of Scotland, especially in the snow and the wind and the icey badness
  • Tipple: Excruciatingly expensive gin.
  • Quote: "There's a potato situation, but its being handled."
Picture of Chris Rutter
Custard Secretary
Chris Rutter
  • Quote: "What do you mean there are two types of map in the kit bag?"

And a massive thanks to all the old gits who keep badgering us when something is not well done. Also, they are often here too help you mastering some practical skills and ramble about their crazy personal life stories.