A club dedicated to you

One of the university's oldest societies, the hiking club predates the University of Manchester by several decades. In all that time, our goal has been to help everyone get into the great outdoors. We run weekly trips all over the UK, from Snowdonia and the Lakes to the Scottish Highlands, and frequent socials where you can meet like minded people.

We, as a society, are bond by formal rules enshrined in our Constitution. You can find there our aims and all kind of information on how the club is running. We also have an Equality Policy, made by the SU and enforced by our Inclusions Secretary.

Curious about what these people are up to, aside from bragging about their navigation skills and keeping the local pubs healthy? Some would say "nothing, really", but you can have more details on our wiki.

Run with love by people (2018/19)

Picture of Sam Markovic
Sam Markovic
  • Course: Physics
  • Vague Age: Not yet old enough to have any idea what's going on
  • Spotted On Hike: Very easily due to his love of bright clothes. Usually lost.
  • Favourite Mountain: Don't ask me to make a decision
  • Tipple: Virgin pornstar
  • Quote: "Don't be silly, gaiters are supposed to go on that way (while pointing at a pair of gaiters that were on backwards)"
  • Contact: chair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Rebecca Hart
Rebecca Hart
  • Course: Mathematics
  • Vague Age: Older than the bartender thinks I am
  • Spotted On Hike: Wearing a silly hat, probably doing something ill-advised
  • Favourite Mountain: Anything with a ridge, the sharper the better
  • Tipple: If you're offering ;)
  • Quote: "I don't think it's broken"
  • Contact: vicechair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Lottie Harold
Lottie Harold
  • Course: MSc Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction
  • Vague Age: Feelin' twenty-to-oo
  • Spotted On Hike: With Jessie-the-Mountaineering-Dog!
  • Favourite Mountain: Skiddaw massif
  • Tipple: WINE
  • Contact: treasurer@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Raluca Revici
Raluca Revici
  • Course: Biomedical Sciences
  • Vague Age: Forever 21
  • Spotted On Hike: At the front, overly excited about having a radio and/or using a compass
  • Favourite Mountain: Fagaras, Romania
  • Tipple: Anything with vodka
  • Quote: ""That was fun! Who wants to hike another mountain?" - me at the end of a hike"
  • Contact: secretary@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Tom Sweetnam
Hikes Secretary
Tom Sweetnam
  • Course: Physics
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Doing unnecessary ice axe arrests
  • Favourite Mountain: Kilimanjaro
  • Tipple: A nice pint of Wainwright
  • Quote: "But did you die"
  • Contact: hikesec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Agus Guardiola
Hikes Secretary
Agus Guardiola
  • Course: Physics with Theoretical Physics
  • Vague Age: 19 forever
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking fabulous
  • Favourite Mountain: Brokeback Mountain
  • Tipple: Gin
  • Quote: "Out of my way, I'm gay!"
  • Contact: hikesec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Birgitta Van Bodegraven
Hikes Secretary
Birgitta Van Bodegraven
  • Course: PhD Health Informatics
  • Vague Age: 20ahum
  • Spotted On Hike: Maybe Wandering Off
  • Favourite Mountain: Cute Little Castle Crag
  • Tipple: Double Bells Diet Coke
  • Quote: "Why Why Why"
  • Contact: hikesec3@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Daniel Seal
Kit Secretary
Daniel Seal
  • Course: Physics
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking for a pub
  • Favourite Mountain: Olympus Mons
  • Tipple: A pint of hot chocolate at Pete's Eats
  • Quote: "You might end up in Lancaster!"
  • Contact: kit@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Xiaojin Liu
Publicity and Merchandise Secretary
Xiaojin Liu
  • Course: Astronomy
  • Vague Age: 20s
  • Favourite Mountain: Lost Valley, Aberfeldy
  • Tipple: Chinese Tea
  • Contact: publicity@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Femke van Diepenbeek
Social Secretary
Femke van Diepenbeek
  • Course: Psychology
  • Vague Age: No longer 17, still young and sweet tho
  • Spotted On Hike: Running down to the pub while sipping whiskey from my hip flask
  • Favourite Mountain: *lamenting that Norway is prettier* Tryfan is cool I guess
  • Tipple: Cocktail fanatic but anything will do really
  • Quote: ""Can we walk on guys? I want to get to the pub before the coach leaves""
  • Contact: socialsec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jamie Bailey
Social Secretary
Jamie Bailey
  • Course: Chemistry PhD
  • Vague Age: 24ish
  • Spotted On Hike: Any with the guy with a mohawk
  • Favourite Mountain: Sgurr na Banachdich
  • Tipple: Ask me on a hike, Im not allowed to talk about it
  • Quote: "I can sleep when I'm dead"
  • Contact: socialsec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Simon
Training and Inclusions Secretary
  • Course: Maths & physics
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Snacking
  • Favourite Mountain: Tryfan
  • Tipple: Lager
  • Quote: "'It's all fine' *explosions intensify*"
  • Contact: training@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Oscar Goldman
Transport Secretary
Oscar Goldman
  • Course: Physics with Theoretical Physics
  • Vague Age: Old enough to know better
  • Spotted On Hike: Telling other people not to do what I just did
  • Favourite Mountain: Celeste Mountain
  • Tipple: Biddenden cider
  • Quote: "We're probably going the right way."
  • Contact: transport@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Nicolas Toussaint
Web Master
Nicolas Toussaint
  • Vague Age: A quarter of a century old
  • Spotted On Hike: Pouring a nice cup of coffee
  • Favourite Mountain: Any remote one
  • Quote: "It'll be alright !"
  • Contact: webmaster@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Simon Hellewell
Weekends Secretary
Simon Hellewell
  • Course: PhD Music
  • Vague Age: About the right age to be doing a PhD
  • Spotted On Hike: At the front, staring at a map while ignoring a perfectly good path.
  • Favourite Mountain: Something in Scotland, probably on Skye.
  • Tipple: Something from Scotland, probably distilled on Skye.
  • Quote: "It’s nice, but it isn’t the north-west Highlands."
  • Contact: weekends@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emily Cuffin-Munday
Emily Cuffin-Munday
  • Course: Chemistry
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Harassing Sam
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Good cuppa
  • Quote: "Fed well never fed up"
Picture of Beatriz Rubio Huete
Beatriz Rubio Huete
  • Course: PhD student
  • Vague Age: 26
  • Tipple: Cider
Picture of Beth Somerville
Beth Somerville
  • Course: Plant Science
  • Vague Age: 19
  • Spotted On Hike: sucking rhubarb n custards
  • Favourite Mountain: Har Ki Doon
  • Tipple: ALE
Picture of Emma Clayton
Emma Clayton
  • Course: Pharmacy
  • Vague Age: Doesn't matter unless you're cheese or wine
  • Spotted On Hike: Trying not to fall over
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Pink gin and lemonade

And a massive thanks to all the old gits who keep badgering us when something is not well done. Also, they are often here too help you mastering some practical skills and ramble about their crazy personal life stories.