A club dedicated to you

One of the university's oldest societies, the hiking club predates the University of Manchester by several decades. In all that time, our goal has been to help everyone get into the great outdoors. We run weekly trips all over the UK, from Snowdonia and the Lakes to the Scottish Highlands, and frequent socials where you can meet like minded people.

We, as a society, are bond by formal rules enshrined in our Constitution. You can find there our aims and all kind of information on how the club is running. We also have an Equality Policy, made by the SU and enforced by our Inclusions Secretary.

Curious about what these people are up to, aside from bragging about their navigation skills and keeping the local pubs healthy? Some would say "nothing, really", but you can have more details on our wiki.

Run with love by people (2019/20)

Picture of Hawys Williams
Hawys Williams
  • Course: Biochemsitry
  • Vague Age: Teenager
  • Spotted On Hike: Pretending not to be out of breath
  • Favourite Mountain: Elidir Fawr
  • Tipple: Jack Daniels on the rocks
  • Quote: "Eang yw'r byd i bawb."
  • Contact: chair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Simon Hellewell
Simon Hellewell
  • Course: PhD Music
  • Vague Age: About the right age to be doing a PhD
  • Spotted On Hike: On some rocks nearby ignoring a perfectly good path
  • Favourite Mountain: Something in Scotland, probably on Skye.
  • Tipple: Something from Scotland, probably distilled on Skye.
  • Contact: vicechair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Luke Jones
Luke Jones
  • Course: Mechatronic Engineering
  • Vague Age: 18
  • Favourite Mountain: Stac Pollaidh
  • Tipple: Whisky
  • Contact: treasurer@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Sam Poland
Sam Poland
  • Course: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  • Vague Age: Exactly the same as Hawys
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking for a pub
  • Favourite Mountain: Nothing beats Slieve Donard
  • Tipple: Guinness or whatever you're offering ;)
  • Quote: ""Sam Poland like the country""
  • Contact: secretary@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Danny
Hikes Secretary
  • Contact: hikesec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Lucy Buckingham
Hikes Secretary
Lucy Buckingham
  • Course: PhD Immunology
  • Vague Age: The nice side of the 20s...
  • Spotted On Hike: Wearing offensively pink trousers and pointing enthusiastically at sheep
  • Favourite Mountain: Sugarloaf
  • Tipple: Winewinewine
  • Quote: "Chilly!!!"
  • Contact: hikesec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Arsim Ahmedi
Hikes Secretary
Arsim Ahmedi
  • Course: PhD Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Vague Age: 24
  • Spotted On Hike: Acting like I know what I'm doing
  • Favourite Mountain: Korab
  • Quote: ""Every path is the right path""
  • Contact: hikesec3@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Rio
Kit Secretary
  • Course: Adult Nursing
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Getting my water bottle
  • Favourite Mountain: Bynack More
  • Tipple: Giiiiin
  • Contact: kit@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jaz White
Publicity and Merchandise Secretary
Jaz White
  • Course: Biochemistry
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Singing
  • Favourite Mountain: I don't know its name
  • Tipple: Blood orange gin & tonic
  • Quote: "we are wasting valuable drinking time"
  • Contact: publicity@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jamie Bailey
Social Secretary
Jamie Bailey
  • Course: Chemistry
  • Vague Age: Oldest
  • Spotted On Hike: Far from where we're meant to be
  • Favourite Mountain: The big one with the rocks
  • Tipple: Rum and custard
  • Quote: "I can sleep when I'm dead"
  • Contact: socialsec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emma Clayton
Social Secretary
Emma Clayton
  • Course: Pharmacy
  • Vague Age: Doesn't matter unless you're cheese or wine
  • Spotted On Hike: Falling over
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Gin!
  • Contact: socialsec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Simon
Training and Inclusions Secretary
  • Course: Maths & physics
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Snacking
  • Favourite Mountain: Tryfan
  • Tipple: Lager
  • Quote: "'It's all fine' *explosions intensify*"
  • Contact: training@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Periklis Petropoulos
Transport Secretary
Periklis Petropoulos
  • Course: PhD Regenerative Medicine
  • Vague Age: Older than most who read this
  • Spotted On Hike: Trying to instigate snowball fights
  • Favourite Mountain: Not Peak District
  • Tipple: Guinness
  • Quote: "Are we there yet?"
  • Contact: transport@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emily Woodroofe
Web Master
Emily Woodroofe
  • Spotted On Hike: Extreme Backpacking
  • Favourite Mountain: Sgur an Fheadain
  • Tipple: I'm never going to drink again!
  • Quote: "What does a cheese say in front of a mirror?.. Halloumi!"
  • Contact: webmaster@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Sarah Harbach
Weekends Secretary
Sarah Harbach
  • Course: PhD Immunology
  • Vague Age: Young at heart
  • Spotted On Hike: You’ll probably hear me before you see me...
  • Favourite Mountain: Scafell Pike
  • Tipple: BEER
  • Quote: "‘Eeeeeeeee’"
  • Contact: weekends@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emily Cuffin-Munday
Emily Cuffin-Munday
  • Course: Chemistry
  • Vague Age: Twenny wan
  • Spotted On Hike: Snacking
  • Favourite Mountain: Catyscam
  • Tipple: G&T
  • Quote: "“Can we go up Catyscam?”"
Picture of Tom Sweetnam
Food Sec
Tom Sweetnam
  • Course: Physics
  • Vague Age: 20s
  • Spotted On Hike: With a full pizza
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Pint
Picture of Daniel Seal
Quiz Sec
Daniel Seal
  • Course: Physics
  • Vague Age: 22
  • Spotted On Hike: Running into ponds
  • Favourite Mountain: Olympus Mons
  • Tipple: Pint of rum custard
  • Quote: "Don't go to Lancaster"

And a massive thanks to all the old gits who keep badgering us when something is not well done. Also, they are often here too help you mastering some practical skills and ramble about their crazy personal life stories.