A club dedicated to you

One of the university's oldest societies, the hiking club predates the University of Manchester by several decades. In all that time, our goal has been to help everyone get into the great outdoors. We run weekly trips all over the UK, from Snowdonia and the Lakes to the Scottish Highlands, and frequent socials where you can meet like minded people.

We, as a society, are bond by formal rules enshrined in our Constitution. You can find there our aims and all kind of information on how the club is running. We also have an Equality Policy, made by the SU and enforced by our Inclusions Secretary.

Curious about what these people are up to, aside from bragging about their navigation skills and keeping the local pubs healthy? Some would say "nothing, really", but you can have more details on our wiki.

Run with love by people (2020/21)

Picture of Tom Sweetnam
Tom Sweetnam
  • Course: Physics PhD
  • Vague Age: 20s
  • Spotted On Hike: Carrying far too much food
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Pint
  • Quote: "We're not lost, we just don't know where we are right now"
  • Contact: chair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Daniel Seal
Daniel Seal
  • Course: PhD in Accelerator Engineering
  • Vague Age: 23
  • Spotted On Hike: Eating a hot sticky toffee pudding and custard
  • Favourite Mountain: Tryfan (or just anything with a decent scramble)
  • Tipple: Vintage cider
  • Quote: "When is a road not a road? When it's a ditch (It's a long story))"
  • Contact: vicechair@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Periklis
  • Course: PhD Regenerative Medicine
  • Vague Age: Old
  • Spotted On Hike: Trying to instigate snowball fights
  • Favourite Mountain: Something in Scotland
  • Tipple: Guinness
  • Contact: treasurer@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Jaz
  • Course: Biochemistry
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Singing badly
  • Favourite Mountain: Cadair Idris
  • Tipple: Cheapest beer
  • Quote: "Pub?"
  • Contact: secretary@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Lisa Morrison
Hikes Secretary
Lisa Morrison
  • Course: PhD in CEAS
  • Vague Age: 24
  • Spotted On Hike: Going "ooo" at various things
  • Favourite Mountain: Probably Crib Goch or Glyder Fawr, maybe Haystacks. Mam tor also holds a special place in my heart <3
  • Tipple: Vodka or tea
  • Contact: hikesec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Rio Tamargo
Kit Secretary
Rio Tamargo
  • Course: Adult Nursing
  • Vague Age: not 17
  • Spotted On Hike: Catching my breath O.O
  • Favourite Mountain: Bynack More
  • Tipple: Gin + Limonada
  • Quote: "Simon! I think I lost my tooth..."
  • Contact: kit@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Sidi
Publicity and Merchandise Secretary
  • Course: MA Humanitarianism and Conflict Response
  • Vague Age: ofc forever 16
  • Contact: publicity@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Cecilia
Social Secretary
  • Course: PhD in Cardiovascular Science
  • Vague Age: I'm just quite old, according to public records
  • Spotted On Hike: shouting some italian songs or recipes
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Red wine
  • Quote: ""accidenti, ci siamo persi di nuovo""
  • Contact: socialsec1@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emma Clayton
Social Secretary
Emma Clayton
  • Course: Pharmacy
  • Vague Age: (Nobody likes you when you're) 23
  • Spotted On Hike: Pointing out sheep
  • Favourite Mountain: Tryfan
  • Tipple: Gin and tonic
  • Contact: socialsec2@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Selwyn Lilley
Web Master
Selwyn Lilley
  • Course: Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Vague Age: 20
  • Spotted On Hike: Waiting for the opportune moment to eat my lunch
  • Favourite Mountain: Anything that looks treacherous!
  • Tipple: West country cider
  • Contact: webmaster@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Victoria Nyrop-Sjörén
Weekends Secretary
Victoria Nyrop-Sjörén
  • Course: Environmental Management
  • Vague Age: 21
  • Spotted On Hike: Looking like I would rather be dead (see: second picture)
  • Favourite Mountain: Mt Owen
  • Tipple: Whatever anyone’s offering (that isn’t beer)
  • Quote: "”Sitt ner i båten”"
  • Contact: weekends@umhc.org.uk
Picture of Emily
  • Course: Chemistry
  • Vague Age: Twenties
  • Spotted On Hike: Chasing fluffy things
  • Favourite Mountain: Snowdon
  • Tipple: Good ol' cuppa
  • Quote: "So, these are my dinos..."

And a massive thanks to all the old gits who keep badgering us when something is not well done. Also, they are often here too help you mastering some practical skills and ramble about their crazy personal life stories.