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First Aid training

13th February 2012

First Aid training will take place on 10th March 11am-5pm and on 11th March 12:30pm-6:30pm. Each day has 12 spaces and costs £30. You can sign up at the Student Activities Office (first floor of the Students' Union).

Second chance for merchandise

10th February 2012

Did you consider ordering a hoodie or a t-shirt but didn't get round to it? Or maybe you have seen all the new swanky merchandise over the last few weeks and wish you had ordered!

Well I may have a solution for you! I am proposing placing a second order for merchandise and want to know if anyone would be interested. So if you are interested in ordering a hoodie or t-shirt please send me an email, and if I get enough interest I will set up a second order.

If you still need convincing take a look at the exciting design and colour options on the merchandise page

Also on another merchandise note we still have lots and lots of UMHC hats up for grabs which are perfect for keeping you warm on chilly winter hikes . Get yours for a bargain £6 from the Student Activities Office (first floor of the Students' Union) Monday-Friday from 12:30-13:30.

Join our Bogle team!

13th January 2012

UMHC is entering the Bogle again! For those that don't know, this infamous event is a charity walk run by RAG that proves that the whole of Manchester is within walking distance and there is never really a need to catch a smelly magic bus.

The Bogle starts in the city centre, heads south to the airport and back up north to Heaton Park, and is a mere 55 miles long. It starts in the evening of Friday 2nd March and lasts around 20 hours, ending on Saturday evening.

We will be doing the event to raise money for Mountain Rescue, last year we had 22 team members and raised £835, so that is the target to beat! The event costs £10 to enter, so the lovely RAG people who force us to keep on walking can feed us, and entries have to be in by 22nd February. You can learn more at and

If you want to join our team just let me know! There is a justgiving page waiting to go live, so when it does you will be able to have all your friends too sensible to take part sponsor you on there!

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