Welcome to the UMHC Wiki

We go hiking to all sorts of places in the UK. This is a guide to where we go and what you'll find in each area. Of course we don't know everything, so the idea of this wiki is to encourage people to share their own useful information on both hike routes and locations. Especially handy are the decade worth of trip reports!

As well as our hiking destinations, you can find a lot of information about the club in here. Some of it aimed at the first-time hiker and some towards the confused committee member. So have a dig around and you might learn one or two odd things about the club, and those of you with a few years of UMHC experience under your belt can contribute any gems you have!

The basis of a lot of this information is from the work put in by Anthony Dyer on the old Manchester University Hiking Club. He has now left the club but still maintains his own hiking website.


You can find a whole load of information on our ususal destinations, reports which describe more in depth what we found there and the tracks we followed.

The Club Packed full of the information about the club and the things we do, whether they be hiking or not. Scattered amongst these pages can be found some bizarre traditions and helpful tips for those who have stumbled onto the committee.

Sundries A few more random articles, that don't really fit anywhere...