Map Coverage = OS Landrangers 90
Summit Grid Ref = NY342151
Prominence = 950 m (3,117 ft)


For more information on the area surrounding this hill, see Glenridding and Patterdale

Helvellyn is the first choice for many newcomers to our club and the ascent of Helvellyn via Striding or Swirral Edge are the most popular routes. Both involve some degree of exposure and aren't suitable for the faint hearted but they are classics. Red Tarn nestles between these two edges at 700m and has some impressive cliffs to admire especially in a snowy period. The easy way up goes via Raise and proves to be no problem.


Scramble: Striding Edge and Swirral Edge

14 km, 900 meters of ascent

From Glenridding head southwest following the straightforward path that will eventually lead you to Hole-in-the-Wall. This will lead you onto the ridge line of the horseshoe and shortly afterwards the edge starts.

The scrambling is easy and there's always the path on the north side which can be followed instead in wet and windy days.

Beaware though that the path and rocky ridge merge at the bad step, near the end of the ridge which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. The easiest line on it is on the south west side.

From there on you have to tackle the steep exit ramp which is not actual scrambling but this place retains a large amount of snow and it might be impossible to do without crampons during quite a few months.

Admire the beautiful views on the summit and then head down Swirral Edge. As you start to descend it - do not worry - it looks much steeper than it actually is! Although beaware that the exit ramp often retains a large volume of snow and ice and it is best to turn back if you're thinking of doing it without crampons! Swirral Edge is a much easer and shorter version of Striding Edge.

Then follow the straight-forward path due east which leads back to Glenridding.

Hike 1: St. Sunday Crag and Fairfield

20 km, 1200 meters of ascent

Hike 2: Sticks Pass, Raise, Helvellyn, Swirral Edge

15 km, 1000 meters of ascent

Hike 3: Place Fell

8 km, 500 meters of ascent