Snowdon is the highest summit in Wales. It is a firm favourite with the club members and it offers walks to suit most tastes. It is like someone pinched this mountain out of Glen Coe as it would compete well with those classic mountains in [[The Scottish Highlands|Scotland]] for excitement, height, grandeur and ruggedness. It takes just over two hours to reach Snowdon from Manchester and so a reasonable amount of time can be had on the mountain.

Pyg Track

Pen-y-Pass is the main starting point for most hikes.
The easy routes up take the Pyg track and the mining track up the corrie of Llyn Llydaw and Glaslyn and meet above Glaslyn where the going is on a reasonable path but on a steep slope. There is reasonable opportunity for sunbathing by both lakes and they are quite busy both ways up. Another easy way up starts from [[Llanberis]] and essentially follows the railway track. There is an opportunity to stick to the ridge and have views down to the Pass of Llanberis that is a long way down. This way up sees some of the smaller cliffs of Clogwyn Goch and other such delights.

Scrambling on Crib Goch

The classic traverse is of course the Snowdon Horseshoe.
It is well publicised and its reputation for being scary and narrow is spot on. The entire route is a grade one [[scramble]].
The first time the author traversed the route he was petrified but the second time wasn't a problem. The first (and most difficult) obstacles are the crags appearing to bar the way up the east flank of Crib Goch. Almost any route can be taken up (at varying levels of difficulty) but the easiest route requires a bit of trust at one stage as the way ahead lies hidden while traversing round a steep bulge with a 20m drop beneath. Once above the first obstacle the way up is straightforward but intimidatingly steep on both sides.


A small platform on the eastern end of the summit ridge provides the last opportunity for snacks. The north ridge is the only escape from here. The ridge proper is very narrow with a vertical 100m drop one side and a super steep scree drop on the other side.
The ridge doesn't last long (about 200m) and then it's time for the pinnacles!
The first two can be traversed easily on the left or climbed with little exposure. It's safest to climb the third pinnacle as the way round is on steep loose ground. This pinnacle requires an exposed 'step ladder' ascent with a large drop beneath you. After the third pinnacle, the way forward is easy and straightforward in comparison.

The rest of the traverse is fantastic but beware, the scary bit may be over but don't be complacent about the descent from Snowdon. It's steep and loose and attracts a lot of accidents. The shapely summit of Y Lliwedd provides a fantastic finish to a great day.

The Gribin ridge (foreground) with Snowdon behind

Another scramble, also grade 1 but easier, is the Y Gribin ridge rising from the outlet of Glaslyn. From all routes approaching the ridge, it looks steep, scary and intimidating but an ascent of the ridge didn't feel exposed and there were plenty of opportunities to stop and rest. The ascent is over very quickly and doesn't feel as high as it looks. It provides a good introductory scramble.

2x vertical exaggeration


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Eating and Drinking

The café at Pen-y-Pass provides plenty of food while the Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel to the east is worth visiting if your hike takes you past there. Meanwhile, down in Llanberis, a place called Pete's Eats is worth checking out.


A regular shuttle bus serves the Llanberis pass up to Pen-y-Pass from the coastal towns to the north-west The coastal towns are well served by hourly trains from Manchester.