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Torridon 2000

Saturday 8th April - Thursday 13th April

Loch a' Chroisg west of Achnasheen on the road to Torridon
The view northwest accross the wilderness from the outflow of Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair
Lunch in Coire Mhic Fhearchair
On the bealach between Sail Mhor and Coinneach Mhor
Entertainment for a damp evening in Torridon
The view south accross Loch Torridon from the lower slopes of Ben Alligan

Loch Torrodon and Loch Shieldaig from high up on Ben Alligan

Lunch on the southern summit of Ben Alligan, Tom na Gruagaich
Diabeg, the end of the road
Watching Seals in Loach Torridon

Saturday 8th April

The long long drive up to Torridon. The sun was setting over the western hills as we drove the last stretch along the shores of Loch a' Chroisg and down Glens Docherty and Torridon.

Sunday 9th April

The first morning dawned clear and cold but the weather forecast for the rest of the week was not good. Anthony climbed Liathach and was back in the valley by 1:30 having decided against crossing the pinnacles to the eastern summit.

The remainder of the group climbed Ben Eighe. Taking the NTS path around the western slopes of Sail Mhor and into the spectacular Coire Mhic Fhearchair. The lochan reflected the crags all around. After lunch by the Lochan we climbed out of the corrie towards the bealach between Sail Mhor and Coinneach Mhor, stopping to practice axe arrests on a snowfield. Dumping gear at the bealach we nipped up Sail Mhor before returning and scrambling up on to Coinneach Mhor. Again dumping gear on the way we continued to the high point of the day Rhud Stac Mhor (1010m). The second Munro of the day was Spindean Coire nan Clach before a massive sledge down into Coire nan Clach and short walk back to the road.

Monday 10th April

Compared to the previous day the weather was not good. A few people walked along the coast to Inveralligan and back, meeting a few of the locals (Human and otherwise) along the way. The rest of the party decided on climbing Slioch from Kinlochewe. The cloud was low and the rain was that misty kind of drizzle that soaks you to the skin in minutes. Tim and Chris turned back at the end of the walk in and went to Gairloch for the day to find the better weather out on the coast. Anthony, Agnes and Seb reached the summit but reported very restricted views. This would turn out to be the only time on the whole trip that anyone walked in cloud for the majority of the day.

Tuesday 11th April

The weather was again good, but looked a little grey to the east. The majority of the group decided on climbing Ben Alligan, however Anthony walked alone again on Ben Eighe, following the reverse of the route the rest of the group had taken on Sunday, but descending into the Coire Mhic Fhearchair from the bealach between Rhud Stac Mhor and Coinneach Mhor. Ben Alligan was far enough west for the weather hold until we were on the final descent. Chris (R) and Anders decided on a full traverse of the mountain, ascending via the horns and continuing over the summit and round to Tom na Gruagaich before descending. The remainder of the group, not fancying the idea of the horns climbed the southern top, Tom na Gruagaich directly from the car park (869576). The ascent was steep but not difficult with spectacular views to the south, cloud and rain drifting around but not actually reaching us. After lunch on Tom na Gruagaich we descended along the rough ridge heading for the main summit. We were finally caught by the approaching weather as we ascended the last few metres to the top. We retraced out steps southwards in worsening weather and descended to the road as the rain finally set in.

Wednesday 12th April

Most of the group were by now quite tired and as the day dawned cloudy and damp, some people decided on a drive round the coast to Applecross and Glen Carron. The remainder drove out to the end of the road at Diabeg and wandered around the coast, scrambling on the rocks and watching the odd seal.

Thursday 13th April

The end of the first half of the trip. Those of us staying on drove south to Ratagan in Glen Shiel. The people: Agnes, Anders, Anthony, Chris(R), Chris(S) and Chris(W), Seb and Tim.

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