The Annual Dinner is one of the social highlights of the year. The best excuse for members to dress up smart, eat quality food and drink to levels only matched by the christmas party or AGM or pub crawl (ok there are quite a few!)

Dress Code

Dress code is strictly formal: Black Tie for the gents and the always stunning dresses for the Girls

Venue and Antics

The venue for the annual dinner varies year from year but is often located in a peak district hotel. Traveling to the venue by coach or other means, dinners typically spend the day walking, climbing or visiting various drinking establishments by train prior to tarting themselves up for the meal itself.

Post meal drinking often ensues followed by a windy and often stomach churning coach ride back to manchester. During the coach ride home much entertainment ensues, singing along to all the classics (including the club favorite Threshing machine as well as many others in the club song book) or there is the alternative of sleep to be enjoyed by some.


The club has many long standing traditions, many are experienced at the Annual General Meeting, a number are presented at the annual dinner. The Old committee welcomes in the newly elected committee, the outgoing Chairman hands over responsibility and governing power ie the magic 8 ball. The outgoing chairman also presents various comical gifts their committee members thanking them for the hard work that has been put in. In return the committee clubs together and gets the chairman something in return. (drinking out of a shoe is not a tradition we wish to continue)