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There's lots of info on the site about what we get up and how the club is run. Follow a link below to find out more...

Crucial Guide

If you're new to the the club, start here to get familiar with what we do and how the club is run, included membership info.


Like most societies, the club is run by a committee of volunteer students. Meet the current committee and find out how YOU can get involved!


Help us in our efforts to raise as much as we can for mountain rescue charities, who we hope we will never need to call upon!


This section has advice and info about the equipment you should bring with you for hiking at different times of the year.


The constitution defines what the club is by setting out how it is run and governed. It contains a minimum of legalese!

Refund Policy

If you need to cancel a trip or you couldn't make it, you might be able to get your money back!

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